Core Technology

  • Face Recognition

  • Image Recognition

  • Other Technology

  • Face Detection

    Locate the faces in the photo precisely; the detection rate of this technology on the global face detection dataset FDDB is 98.74% reaching the world advanced level.

  • Facial Landmark

    Locate facial landmark precisely; have strong adaptability to special circumstances, such as wide-angle shot from the side, expression change, occlusion, and shading

  • Face Attributes

    Extract facial features based on convolutional neural network of deep learning. Analyze the features for achieving facial features recognition

  • Celebrity Recognition

    Identify the celebrity information and corresponding probability that best match the image

  • Face Tracking

    Identify the celebrity information and corresponding probability that best match the image

  • Comparison between identify and certificate

    Identify the celebrity information and corresponding probability that best match the image

  • Car model/series/color recognition

    Detect the position of the vehicle in the photo accurately and identify the model and color of the vehicle

  • Vehicle License Plate Recognition

    Detect the position of the license plate in a photo, identify the license plate number, and return the corresponding license plate number

  • Scene/target Recognition

    Discriminate the categories and scenes (customize thousands of categories) of the target in the image automatically, and give corresponding discriminant Results and probability values

  • Pedestrian Detection

    Using the deep learning techniques to determine whether there is a pedestrian image or a video sequence, positioning precisely, and output corresponding attributes of pedestrians.

  • ID card information identification

    Text and image recognition technology can be used to identify the front and back of the ID card and determine whether the ID card is dirty or occluded.

  • Porn/terrorist recognition

    Enter the photo, and judge the photo to be pornographic, sexy, violent, and so on .

  • Two-dimensional barcode recognition

    We use deep learning techniques to determine whether a two-dimensional barcode exists in an image or video sequence to determine whether the input image is an advertisement.

  • License Recognition

    Use deep learning technologies to determine whether a photo is a passport photo. This can be used in social networks, marriage networks, telecommunications and other areas sensitive to recognize

  • Super-Resolution

    With the reconstruction algorithm, the blurred image in the video or photo can be restored to a high definition image which is easy to recognize.

  • Dynamic living persons discrimination

    It determines whether the user in front of the camera is a real person by specifying the motion analysis (shaking his head, nodding his head, blinking his eyes, opening his mouth, etc.).

  • Static living persons discrimination

    Resist spoofing attacks such as photo videos by detecting differences between live and photo videos

Products And Services

Video Big Data
  • Product Background

    The traditional monitoring scheme cannot meet the urgent needs of intelligent security. In such situation, it may cause much time and effort to prevent, monitor and control. Besides, the effect is not satisfactory.

  • Product Function

    The self-developed face recognition algorithm can capture face images in dynamic video automatically, and achieve analysis, comparison and alarming functions. The technology is applicable to the fields of arresting fugitives, criminal investigation, anti-terrorism and handling of emergencies, etc. It can maximize the work efficiency of video surveillance personnel.

Application Technology

Security intelligence surveillance system

Video Structuring
  • Product Attributes

    Productization——Easy to deploy and install
    Professionalism——The entry of evidence, such as people, cars, and other objects, is in full compliance with public industry standards.
    Scalability——The dataset can interact with police, intelligence network, and other systems

  • Product Application

    This product is suitable for all mass video surveillance application scenarios, it supports intelligent retrieval of video images in real-time, vehicle big data applications, active target big data applications, face big data applications, etc. It can solve storage cost problems caused by massive video surveillance, challenges in video retrieval, analyze and deep application to meet the needs of large-scale video image analysis applications.

Application Technology


SAAS Service
  • Face detection and face recognition

    Our products using face recognition technology to identify the position of the face in the photo quickly and accurately.Our products can be used for face retouch, fun face change, automatic specific person search in news videos, and public security investigate suspects fields

  • Object Detection

    The service can identify the categories of the target in the image (customize thousands of categories automatically, including clothing, furniture, animals, plants, violence, pornography, etc.). This product can be used for product recommendation, automatic photo album analysis, Internet security and other fields.

Application Technology
Computing Server
  • Product Description

    Faceall-1000 face static/dynamic comparison server mainly provides face detection, face tracking, feature extraction and retrieval in photos and video streams. It supports the management of face images of millions and tens of millions of scales, high-speed feature extraction, and rapid large-scale concurrent search. The accuracy of comparison Results is high, and the number of returned Results is controllable. Besides, the product is flexible to deploy which can be used as a stand-alone machine or be gather together for forming a powerful and flexible cluster.

  • Key characteristics

    high cost performance and scalability
    Face search speed in ten million level database is less than seconds
    recognize faces accurately in complex and variable situations
    Support more than 10 features recognition
    Rich and friendly interfaces for business development

Offline SDK License
  • Product Description

    The product provides interfaces for different language environments, adapts to different datasets, and provides redeveloped according to different application scenarios. Faceall products have been widely used in security, finance, transportation, airports, railway stations, communications, hotels, education, electricity, justice, exhibition halls, etc.

  • Product Form

    Authorization method is combination between dynamic library and dongle (soft and hard)
    Supporting for Linux, Windows, dataset
    Support 10+ feature recognition
    Some functions support Android and IOS datasets

Product Function

The complete algorithm module required by the face recognition system, video structuring system and crowd analysis system

The face recognition system mainly includes face detection, facial landmark detection, face gesture, face tracking, face quality assessment, facial features analysis, facial features extraction, face 1:1 comparison, face 1 :N comparison, face M:N comparison and the supporting functions of specific scenes, such as the physical detection required by the bank to open an account, OCR recognition of ID card, and the facial super-resolution for the police.

Video structuring system mainly includes pedestrian & vehicle detection, pedestrian & vehicle tracking, pedestrian & vehicle features analysis, license plate location and identification, license plate super resolution and other functions.

The crowd analysis system mainly includes real-time crowd density map, population statistics, crowd flow, and crowd behavior analysis.

Online demo

Face Verification

Demonstration scope: Compare the similarity of two faces, the probability output range is 0%~100%. The higher the score, the higher the similarity between the two faces

Application scenario: payment authentication, face authentication in airport and customs, automatic photo classification

  • Local Upload

    Local Upload

  • Response Json
Face Attributes

Demonstration scope: (1) 68 facial landmark detection represented by eye, nose, mouth and overall contour. (2) features include age, gender, and facial expression (probability output 0%~100%).

Application scene: face retouch, face change for fun, marriage intermediary

  • Local Upload

  • Results Response Json
Celebrity Recognition

Demonstration scope: Identify the celebrities or similar celebrities in the photo through deep learning algorithms.

Application scenario: specific person search in news videos automatically, investigate the designated suspect.

  • Local Upload

  • Results Response Json
Target Recognition

the 2000 items we defined on the photo. The probability output range is0 %~100%. The higher the score, the higher the proximity of the test image to the semantic concept.

the 2000 items we defined on the photo. The probability output range is0 %~100%. The higher the score, the higher the proximity of the test image to the semantic concept.

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  • Results Response Json
Porn Recognition

Demonstration scope: The system will mark pornographic and violent information in the images, and judge that whether the map is pornographic, sexy, suspected pornography, etc.

Application scenario: public security system, internet security

  • Local Upload

  • Results Response Json
Vehicle Recognition

Demonstration scope: The system will analyze the detailed structural information of the vehicle contained in the uploaded picture, including the color, type and brand of the vehicle, the color, type and number of the license plate, etc.

Application scenario: public security system, traffic control system.

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  • Results Response Json

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