• FaceAll CEO Hongliang Bai was shortlisted for the China-France Cooperation Innovation Awards F2 Project Finals

    The founder of Beijing Faceall, Hongliang Bai was shortlisted for the F2 final of the Sino-French Cooperation Innovation Awards of the French-Chinese Committee.

  • The 2018 French-Chinese Committee's Sino-French Teamwork Innovation Award was announced. Beijing Faceall entries candidate.

    Initiative award in this year focuses on the field of artificial intelligence. The candidate team includes Bai Hongliang, co-founder and CEO of Beijing Faceall

  • Hongliang Bai: Face recognition come up to your life

    Face recognition is a biometric recognition technology based on human facial feature information. It is a series of related techniques for detecting and tracking a face by using a camera or a camera to collect and track a face, and performing face recognition on the detected face, which is also called portrait recognition and face recognition.